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An Ode to the Dollar Bin

Every comic book fan loves the dollar bin at their local comic shop. The dollar bin promises all of the thrills of collecting- the smell of old comics, the nostalgia of seeing those toss-aways from years past (which may have turned into valuable keys all of the sudden), the opportunity to pick up a book you've never read, or a book you know should have read.

And every now and then, you find a treasure: a key book, a book you've needed for a complete run, the book that you know you can flip to a friend- and all it costs as a dollar.

The promise of the dollar bin is what keeps us stopping into a new store when we travel, or the neighborhood store when we pick up our pull list. And that's why we've started this website.

Straight from the Source

This site takes the extensive comicra information housed at, and makes it available in a site for collectors, by collectors. The Dollar Bin allows the collector to catalog new and old issues alike, with links that let you go down every comic rabbit hole you'd like.

Catalogue your Books

Feel free to use this site to catalog your own collection. We hope the interface is intuitive, and we hope that as an early user, you can easily add issues to your own virtual longboxes.

Sell your Books, Hassle-free

If you have issues you want to offer up for purchase, we've added the ability to mark a book as For Sale, to be listed on our marketplace page. Other users can see books you have for sale, and message you for more details. We don't make anything off of the sale- it's up to our users to work it out. We think this will allow users to buy and sell at the best prices available to each (and to that end, we don't take any repsonsibility for the quality of the transaction).

What's it Worth?

Every collector deals with the question: what's it worth? We are working hard to find out- our site retrieves prices for lots of series already, and we are always adding more. In each issue in your collection, click the "Update Prices" button to get the lastest average pricing trends for your books. Update your purchase price to see how much a book has gained in value. Filter your pricing chart by grade (as a numerical value), book format (raw or slabbed- we don't differentiate between CGC, CBCS, or PGX currently), and pricing source, to see drill down into your exact book's real worth. If you'd like to sample the pricing on books that we haven't yet started tracking, send an email to our staff to get the series added into our pricing model.

What's with the Hotel theme?

I vividly recall my first encounter with the world of comic books as a child growing up in Charlotte, North Carolina. Nestled within the heart of the city was an old hotel whose street number, as best I can recall, was 110. This "hotel" had long been repurposed into a haven for comic book enthusiasts, with rows of longboxes, racks of new books, and the random sketches from artists who had passed through. Despite its modest two floors, each room was a treasure trove filled to the brim with longboxes of comic books. This place, housing the pages of countless stories, thrilled me with the promise of new adventure everytime the little bell rang as I walked through the door.

To capture the spirit of those treasured "dollar bin" searches, we created the webapp "Dollar Bin Longbox." It's a place where every enthusiast can search for their next, most thrilling find without breaking the bank. We want to share the joy of discovering hidden gems in the world of comics, just as I did on those unforgettable visits to "onetenhotel." Our story is one of passion for comic art, nostalgia, and a commitment to making the world of comics accessible to all, just as it was for me in that old Charlotte hotel room.