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The best way to start adding issues to your collection is to find the series listing for the issue(s) you want to add. Navigate to our search page, and type in the title of your series. What you will see returned is a list of series that share your title search string. Choose the right series run, and click through to the series detail page.

The series detail page has a list of all issue numbers and variants for your series. Select your desired variant’s checkbox, and click the “Add to Collection” button. That issue is now added to your “My Collection” page, which indexes all of the books you’ve added to your collection.

If you wish to add multiple copies of an issue, you should click on the issue’s card in the Series Detail Page into the Issue Detail page for that issue. If you’re adding the issue for the first time, click the “Add to Collection” button. You’ll get a pop-up that confirms the issue’s addition. After clicking the “OK,” you’ll now see a second button that says “Add another?” If you’d like to add another copy of the same book, click the button.

You’ll have the ability to add as many copies of an issue as you’d like to your collection. If you’d like to add another variant of the same issue number, you can use the “Select Another variant” dropdown menu. Selecting another variant will immediately navigate you to the new variant’s issue detail page, where you can repeat the above process to add that issue to your collection.


Our site indexes the prices from several online comic shops, as well as one of the world's largest auction websites. All prices are indexed on demand by the users, eliminating background computing overhead and stock market-style graphs.


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